Terms & Conditions

 Properly used, swimming pools are wonderful places. The following terms and conditions exist to help you enjoy your swim, and to enable us to manage the pool as well as possible.


  1. Ullerbank Pool is operated and managed by Off the Page Ideas Limited (hereafter referred to as "we").

  2. The pool facilities are available for private hire sessions: these are not life-guarded and are for pre-booked individual groups.

  3. The Hirer booking the swimming session takes full responsibility for the conduct, safety and wellbeing of everyone in their party.

  4. The Hirer agrees to follow any instructions given by the signage in the pool facilities and by any verbal instructions we give.

  5. We reserve the right to refuse admission and our decision is final.

  6. For safety reasons, a minimum of two adults is required in each party (one of whom may be a spectator).

  7. Under 18s in any swimming party must be swimming with their parent or guardian's permission.

  8. The maximum number of pool & spa users in any booking is ten (spectators are not included in this number, babies using the pool are included).

  9. If you need to cancel a booked session, please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice to avoid a charge. (Except in cases of illness ... it is in all pool users' interest that you do not swim if unwell.)

  10. You should use the WC, shower and swim before using the pool and spa.

  11. Long hair must be tied back, or a swimming cap worn (to reduce risk of trapping, and to keep water cleaner).

  12. You must not swim or use the spa if you have suffered from diarrhoea within the past 14 days.

  13. To preserve the privacy of other swimmers, do not enter the pool hall before the clock in the reception area shows that your booked time slot has started.

  14. No shoes in the pool area: there is a bench with shoe storage in the reception area.

  15. You must have vacated the pool and changing room area by the end of your 70-minute time slot.

  16. Even if you are late arriving, your time ends at the end of the pre-booked time.

  17. No smoking is permitted anywhere on the premises.

  18. No food or drink is to be brought into the pool environment.

  19. No glass bottles or any other glass are to be brought into the pool environment.

  20. No diving at all (risk of neck injury).

  21. No climbing or jumping from the spa into the pool or vice versa.

  22. Do not move or climb on any of the equipment or furniture in the pool hall.

  23. You may not use any electrical equipment on the poolside

  24. No running - wet tiling can be slippery.

  25. Swimming with children:
    - No children under 18 years old may swim without an adult, and where more than two people under 10 years old are swimming, there must be at least two adults in the party.
    - Ensure that you have agreed which adult is responsible for monitoring the safety of children at any given time.
    - With young children, it is advised that you change yourself first before swimming and then your children
    - Do not allow children out of the changing room onto the poolside or into the pool before you.
    - Do NOT allow children to stand on the benches in the changing rooms, these are lightweight for ease of movement for cleaning. There is a risk of tipping.

  26. It is advised that you shower again at the end of your use of the pool and spa.

  27. The changing room and toilet must be left clean and tidy. Please dispose of any rubbish in the bins provided.

  28. If you are swimming with a baby, they must be wearing a clean, securely leakproof swim nappy under a baby one-piece costume.

  29. We do not have nappy disposal facilities, so please take any used nappies away with you.

  30. Ullerbank has a septic tank, not mains drainage, so no wipes, or sanitary items to be disposed of in the toilet. Please use the bins provided.

  31. It is best not to swim wearing elastoplasts, but if you do, please ensure they are waterproof.

  32. You must leave the changing room and pool area clean and tidy, ready for the next pool users.



  33. It is advised that any individual's use of the spa should not exceed 15 minutes per visit.

  34. Children must not use the spa without adult supervision, and no children of 12 years or under are permitted in the spa. Children over 12 may use the spa with a parent or guardian’s permission, and they must be tall enough for their headto be fully clear of the water when they are sitting and the blowers are activated.

  35. Do not submerge your head in the spa.

  36. If you are using medication, receiving medical treatment, have a compromised immune system, or have a long-term illness, ask your doctor’s advice before using the spa.

  37. Do not use the spa after a heavy meal or if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  38. Do not add any liquids, oils, perfumes, soap or detergents

  39. Limit your time in the spa to 10-15 minutes maximum.

  40. Take care when entering and leaving the spa.

  41. You should shower thoroughly before entering the pool and spa: this keeps the pool as clean as possible, and minimises the chemicals we need to use to keep the pool clean and safe.

  42.  No jumping, climbing or diving from the spa into the pool, and do not climb from the pool over the side of the spa.


  • We undertake to have the pool plant regularly serviced by a qualified pool engineer.

  • The manager of the pool has undertaken pool plant operation training.

  • We test water chemistry (chlorine and pH levels) two or three times daily when the pool is in use. Frequency of testing depends on bather load.

  • Water samples are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis on a regular basis.

  • We clean the toilet, shower and pool area daily, and deep clean weekly.

  • Water quality is maintained through a dosing system, which constantly monitors water quality electronically.

  • Bathing and spa water are disinfected with the use of both chlorine, and ozone and filtered through sand filters.

By making a booking, the Hirer acknowledges that they accept responsibility for the safety, wellbeing and conduct of all members of their party.

By making a booking, the Hirer agrees that they will abide by the terms and conditions.

The pool facilities and car park are used at the Hirer's risk. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to property or for injury to persons.

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