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Terms & Conditions

Properly used, swimming pools are wonderful places. The following terms and conditions exist to help you enjoy your swim, and to enable us to manage the pool as well as possible.

Our full terms and conditions will be emailed to you when you make your booking - but before you book please note:

No lone swimmers (our insurance won't cover sole swimmers, so please don't embarrass us by asking)

There must be a minimum of two adults present for each hire

The pool is NOT lifeguarded, so the hiring adult takes full responsibility for the safety and behaviour of their hire group.

No food or drink (other than water in plastic bottles) to be brought into the building.

No glass or breakables to be brought onto the premises.

Please also note that although we do our very best to accommodate families where there are family members with additional needs, we cannot always safely do so. If you have a member of your group with additional needs, please call Sheila on 07446 606404 prior to making your booking, so we can discuss your individual situation.

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