About our Pool

Set in a beautiful private garden, our facilities comprise: a 12 x 5.4 metre swimming pool; a deck-level aquaspa*; and a unisex changing room with shower & toilet. The pool has its own car park. You can see information about opening hours and swim times here.

We keep the pool and air temperature at around 30-31°C, which is warm enough to be comfortable for more elderly swimmers and for young children, but not too hot for those who wish to swim lengths for sustained exercise. The aquaspa is kept between 36-38°C. Unlike free-standing hot tubs, the spa has a large water displacement tank, and a full-size sand filtration unit, backed up by chlorine and UV water sterilising treatments.

There are built in-steps with a non-slip finish into the shallow end of the pool, and a handrail to aid entry to and exit from the water. The pool is 0.9 metres deep at its shallowest, and 1.7 metres at its deepest point, which is two thirds of the way along the pool from the shallow end. The floor slopes gently from the ends and from the edges to the deep point. This design means that there is strictly NO diving of any kind permitted.

The start time of hire sessions varies slightly on different days of the week.

*Please note that although we endeavour to keep the spa constantly available, we cannot guarantee that it always will be. 

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