Regular hire bookings are available on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays - the table shows what hires are currently available.

Blue= available weekly

Purple = available fortnightly
Grey = not currently available

NOTE: This is not the best place to check availability for one-off swims - to do this, go to the book now page and click on the day you would like to swim: you will be shown any availability that day.

If you would like a regular hire you can:

Call Sheila on 07446 606404 and we can sort your booking out over the phone.


Email by clicking here


  1. Go to the book now page

  2. Select Regular Swimmer

  3. Find the next time the regular session you want to hire is free (there may be one-off bookings in your preferred slot over the next couple of weeks, so it is worth looking ahead on the diary)

  4. Make the first booking, and add in a note saying that you would like this to be a regular session, stating how often you would like to book.

Regular Bookings

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