Sometimes things just don't go to plan. Which is why we like to keep our cancellation policy as simple as possible.


Customer Cancellations

1. In snow & ice, we do not charge for cancellation, even on the day of your swim, if you do not want to make the journey here. (Equally we are delighted to see you if you have a 4x4, snow tyres, are confident driving in snow, or are within in walking distance.) Please just let us know what your plans are. (Note: the Talkin - Hallbankgate road is not gritted, although there are piles of grit at the roadside.)

2. If you are unwell, we will not charge you for cancelling your swim, even on the day. We want you to be well, and we want our water to be in good condition. Particularly if you have upset tummies or sickness, it is important that you do not swim.

3. For all other cancellations, we require a minimum of 24-hours notice, please, preferably more.

4. If you are a regular swimmer and you know in advance you cannot make your regular session, it really helps us if you let us know as far in advance as possible, as we can make the session available to others.

Cancellations by us
5. We reserve the right to cancel swimming sessions at short notice. We will close the pool if we have any reason to think bathing conditions are not suitable, or in the event of our plant room operator being unwell or otherwise indisposed.


6. We will give our regular swimmers as much advance notice as possible of forthcoming closures for holiday, maintenance or family responsibilities.

We hope our cancellation policy can be summarised as:

  • Stay safe

  • We will be fair with you and we trust you to be fair with us

  • Give as much notice as possible (both ways)

  • Sometimes stuff happens!

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