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Although 'restrictions' have been lifted, we are still taking actions to minimise the risk of Covid transmission

To reduce risk of coronavirus transmission for pool  hirers and ourselves we have taken ​the following steps:

  1. Replaced the pool's air handing system with a new custom-built system which has improved the fresh air ventilation and air flow around the pool facility (this has been a very considerable financial commitment).

  2. Increased the turnaround time between hires from 5 minutes in between hire groups to 20 minutes between hire groups. Our risk assessment identified crowding in the entrance area as the greatest Covid risk area. Extending the time between hires prevents more than one group being in the entrance area at any one time.

  3. Closed the jacuzzi. At present the jacuzzi is not available as this creates increased aerosol particles, and as a smaller body of water at a higher temperature, it is an increased hygiene management risk.

  4. In line with pool industry guidelines, we have increased the pool chlorine level and slightly reduced the pH level to increase the effectiveness of the chlorine.

  5. Increased frequency of cleaning

  6. Provided hand sanitiser

  7. Provided sanitising wipes for use on contact surface.

We believe we have done everything we reasonably can do to minimise transmission risks, please let us know if there is anything else you can think of.

Please note, everyone using our facilities does so at their own risk. No insurance will indemnify against the risk of coronavirus transmission!

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